Unit 1: My time

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Tổng hợp từ vựng Unit 1: My time Tiếng Anh 7 Friends Plus

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Tổng hợp từ vựng Unit 1 Tiếng Anh 7 Friends Plus

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Vocabulary: Where we spend time

1.THINK! What are your favourite places? Where do you spend most of your time? 2. Match the phrases in the box with places 1–12 in the picture. Listen and check. 3. Complete the sentences below so that they are true for you. Use words from exercise 1. 4. Complete the Time of your life quiz with words from exercise 1. Then choose the correct option in blue and compare your answers. 5. Watch or listen. Who likes seeing friends at the weekend: Amelia, Elijah, or Renee? Who goes to school by bus: Ha

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Reading: Screen time

THINK! How much time do you spend in front of your computer screen every day? 1. Read the Study Strategy. Then read the forum quickly. Which two people are not happy with the rules at home? 2. VOCABULARY PLUS. Use a dictionary to check the meaning of the words in blue in the text. 3. Read and listen to the forum and answer the questions. 4. USE IT! Work in pairs. Do you think Typho’s dad is right to ban phones at meal times? When do your parents let you use the computer?

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Language focus - Present simple: affirmative and negative

1. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. Then check your answers in the forum on page 12. 2. Complete the Rules with five words from the box. 3. Choose the correct words. 4. PRONUNCIATION. Third person –s. Listen. Then practise the examples. 5. Listen to eight more verbs and add them to the table in exercise 4. Practise saying them. 6. Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 7. USE IT! Write true and false sentences using the words in the boxes. Use aff

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Vocabulary and Listening: Free time activities

THINK! How do you relax when you are not at school? 1. Complete the phrases in the questionnaire with the verbs in the box. Then listen and check. 2. Do the questionnaire. Do you like being alone, being creative, or going out? Compare your answers with your partner's. 3. Look at the photos of Abbie and Niall. What are their hobbies? Which hobby is relaxing? 4. Listen again and answer the questions. 5. USE IT! Work in pairs. Which hobby do you prefer: Abbie’s or Niall’s? Why?

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Language focus: Present simple - Questions

1. Complete the questions and answers with do, don’t, does and doesn’t. Then choose the correct words in rules 1–4. 2. Complete the questions using the present simple form of the verbs in brackets. 3. Ask and answer the questions from exercise 2. Use do, don’t, does and doesn’t in your answers. 4. Complete the questions with the words in the box. Then practise in pairs. 5. USE IT! Work in pairs. Ask questions using words from boxes A and B. Find out different things about your partner. (Finis

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Speaking: Thinking of things to do

THINK! What can you do in your town at the weekend? 1. Complete the dialogue with the key phrases. Then watch or listen and check. What do Lisa and Jamie decide to do? 2. Which key phrases are for making suggestions and which are for responding to suggestions? Write S (suggestion) or R (response). 3. Work in pairs. Practise the dialogue. 4. Choose the correct phrases in the mini-dialogues. Listen and check. Then practise them with your partner. 5. USE IT! Work in pairs. Practise a new dialo

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Writing: A profile for a web page

THINK! What do you do in and around your hometown at the weekend? 1. Read the profile and find three things which Quỳnh Anh likes. 2. Complete the Key Phrases with words from Quỳnh Anh’s profile. 3. Write true sentences about yourself using the key phrases in exercise 2. 4. Find and, also and too in the profile. Are they in affirmative or negative sentences? Where is each word in the sentence? 5. Complete the sentences using and, also and too. 6. USE IT! Follow the steps in the Writing Guide.

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CLIL - Maths: Data and charts

1. Check the meaning of the words in the box and match them with A–E in the charts. 2. Read and listen to the text. What information does the pie chart NOT give? 3. Study the charts. Then choose the correct words in the reports. : 4. USE IT! Draw a bar chart for the data in the chart below.

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Puzzles and games

1. FIND THE PREPOSITION. Work in groups. Look at the pictures and say where the person is. Use at, in and on. Find the four pictures that use the same preposition. 2. GUESS THE FAMOUS PERSON. Work in pairs. Follow the instructions. 3. Find nine more free time activities in the puzzle. Use two squares for each one. 4. MAKE SENTENCES. Work in groups. Follow the instructions. 5. WORDSNAKE. Work in pairs. Find the question words and complete the questions. Ask and answer the questions.

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