Unit 5: Achieve

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Tổng hợp từ vựng Unit 5: Achieve Tiếng Anh 7 Friends Plus

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Tổng hợp từ vựng Unit 5 Tiếng Anh 7 Friends Plus

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Vocabulary: Units of measurement

THINK! Where can you find information about world records? 1. Complete lists 1–3 with the words in the box. Put the time and number words in order. Then listen and check. 2. Complete the Amazing Achievements text with words from exercise 1. Then listen and check. 3. Listen and repeat numbers 1–5. 4. Say numbers 6–10. Listen and check. 5. Look at the list of questions. Then watch or listen to people guessing the answers. Which of the questions do they answer? 6. Watch or listen again. Read t

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Reading: Meals for medals

THINK! What do you eat to have the best performance? 1. Read the text quickly. The following words may be new to you. What do you think they mean? Compare your ideas with a partner's. 2. Read and listen to the text and answer the questions. 3. VOCABULARY PLUS - Use a dictionary to check the meaning of the words in blue in the text. 4. USE IT! Work in pairs. Do you think a good diet can bring you medals?

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Language focus: Making comparisons

1. Complete the sentences with the words from the reading text on page 60. 2. Look again at exercise 1, then complete the rules with like, different from, as … as. 3. Look at the information about the athletes. Then complete sentences 1-5 using comparative forms of the adjectives. 4. Complete the sentences with like, different from, as … as. 5. USE IT! Work in pairs. Compare opinions about the things in box B using comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives in box A. Finished? Make c

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Vocabulary and Listeing: Jobs and skills

THINK! At what ages can most people talk, walk, count, spell their name, read, write? When could you first speak English? 1. Choose the correct bold words in the texts. Listen and check. 2. PRONUNCIATION /ə/ in jobs Listen to the jobs. Then listen again and repeat. 3. Listen to more jobs and skills. Find the words you hear in the text in exercise 1. Listen again and repeat the words. 4. Listen to part of the programme and write True or False. 5. USE IT! Work

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Language focus: Ability: can and could, Questions with How...?

1. Change the words in bold from affirmative to negative, or negative to affirmative, to make sentences. 2. Look at the sentences in exercise 1 again and choose the correct words in the Rules. 3. Complete the text with affirmative and negative forms of can and could. 4. Match 1–6 with a–f to make questions. Can you remember the answers? Ask and answer the questions with your partner. 5. USE IT! Make questions with How … ? and the words in the table. Then ask and answer the questions with you

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Speaking: Making and responding to suggestions

THINK! What can you do best: sing, dance, or play an instrument? How can you get better? 1. Choose the correct words in the dialogue. Then watch or listen and check. What does Kim want to learn? 2. Cover the dialogue and complete the Key Phrases. Watch or listen again and check. 3. Work in pairs. Practise the dialogue. 4. Work in pairs. Look at ideas 1–5. Take turns giving and responding to advice for each situation. 5. USE IT! Work in pairs. Read the situation. Practise a new dialogue using

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Writing: A biographical web page

THINK! What famous people from the past do you admire? 1. Read the biography. How old was Agatha Christie when she published her first novel? Why are her books popular? 2. Match the blue first line of each paragraph (1–3) with the subject of the paragraph (a–c). 3. Read the Study Strategy. Then read the list of questions. Read the biography again and add more questions to the list. 4. Think of a famous or successful person from the past. Make a list of questions about them. Use the questions

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CLIL: Science - Average speed

1. Read the text and answer questions 1–4. 2. Check the meaning of the words in the box. Then read the equations and answer questions 1–2. 3. USE IT! Read the sentences and find each average speed in km/h.

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Puzzles and Games

1. Order the letters to find times, numbers and measurements. 2. SENTENCE RACES. Work in two groups. Follow the instructions. 3. Join the puzzle pieces to find the jobs and skills. 4. TALK ABOUT … Work in groups of four. You need a dice. Take turns rolling the die and answering the question with the same number. If you get the same number twice, roll again. 5. TEAM QUIZ. Work in two groups. Follow the instructions.

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